Partnership in Patriotism - Valentines for Vets

Partnership in Patriotism

Valentines for Vets - From DeWitt Clinton Students

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Heartfelt Patriotism at DeWitt Clinton Elementary....

On February 11, 2005 Mrs. Bitka's and Mrs. Madden's kindergarten classes answered the call to take part in the National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans, inviting three guests to join them in creating Valentine treats for veterans in Western New York's local VA Hospital. Pictured here, along with students and staff, are members of the B. Leo Dolan Post #410 American Legion and Auxiliary: Army Korean War Veteran, Mrs. Margaret Ruhlmann - who shared some fascinating history with the children through a pictorial review of her own military album, Airforce Veteran William Burnett - who held the children spellbound by detailing the process of refueling planes in mid air, and Partnership in Patriotism Chairperson, Renee Knight - also the Auxiliary's Education Committee Chairperson and Lockport Board of Education Trustee.
From all of the smiles, it's hard to tell who had the most fun...the kids or the adults!
Even more gratifying was our learning that the tray-place mats, napkin-straw holders, and hand made Valentine's Day greeting cards had brought huge smiles to our hospitalized veterans!

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