Partnership in Patriotism - Samples of our Related Activities

Partnership in Patriotism

Samples of our Related Activities

Activities for Primary Grades

Patriotic songs & craft projects for primary grade students:

Contact local unit of American Legion Auxiliary
-Members will help with patriotic craft projects in your classroom

Visits from veterans...Contact local American Legion, VFW, Navy-Marine Club, etc.
Presentations available re: flag etiquette, service to country, etc.

The Flag of the United States

Activities for Grades 4 - 12

Read, interpret and discuss “In Flanders Fields” by John McCrae the first week October and give students related follow up activities to help them understand what Veterans Day is all about. An example of a follow up activity would be the following:

Read, interpret, compare and contrast “America’s Answer” by R. W. Lillard to “In Flanders Fields”.

Link to: "In Flanders Fields" informational website.

Have students research war poems and share the ones they feel are most meaningful with their classmates.

Editorial letter writing project re: Honor Our Vets - easily made age appropriate

Search your own family tree [] for American war veterans; write about your own family’s military background; create a display project to illustrate your essay.

Interview a family friend or relative about his or her military experiences

Poster design activities to promote attendance at Veterans Day ceremony

Have your class write a play relevant to Veterans Day.

Honor the veterans on your own faculty by holding an assembly, a patriotic concert, sending cards or posting thank you notes

Letters/cards to hospitalized veterans or create a Thank You to Veterans Campaign

Do an age appropriate war poetry unit with your class.

Write a patriotic song by rewriting the words to a popular melody.

Research the historic background related to famous war songs, such as “Johnny Comes Marchin’ Home” or “I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy” or “The White Cliffs of Dover”, etc.

Research the history and Traditions of West Point.

Do biographical research on America’s military heroes.

Analyze the characteristics of a hero with your class and then have them research a person from history who possessed those traits.

Invite your local veterans organizations to visit your high school to explain scholarships offered.

Record famous patriotic quotations on cards from which essay topics may be drawn.

Invite representatives from local American Legion post and auxiliary to talk to your high school students about participating in Boys’ State or Girls’ State or ask your guidance department to arrange an assembly for that purpose.

Research the history of the Veterans Day ceremony: Department of Veterans Affairs - Veteran's Day Home Page

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