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Charles Upson Elementary's Project SOS

Below is a certificate of appreciation presented to Charles Upson Elementary school in Lockport, NY. Following that are news articles explaining this effort, started by 4th grade teacher Sherry Sansone with students from Charles Upson school.

Company B
1st Battalion 108th Infantry

Monthly Newsletter of the Crusaders, 08 June 2004

For those who are not aware, our soldiers have been adopted by the Charles Upson Elementary School in Lockport, NY. The children in this school raised donations of supplies and money to ship care items to our soldiers. In addition, the teachers and children of this school have been sending letters to our soldiers to keep their spirits up. Our soldiers have responded wonderfully to their effort, and the items that they have shared with the children will stay forever in their hearts and minds. Sherry Sansone, the teacher who started this endeavor and also SSG Reggentine’s sister, has shared many of the letters and video clips with our families on the unit’s website. If you get a chance, take a moment and view them as they will touch your heart and make you proud. Also, if you feel, you may write to the school and thank the students and administration for all their support; let them know how thankful you are for their support.

The following article appeared in our local newspaper, the Lockport Journal, on Wednesday, 23 June 2004:


THANKS: Capt. Michael Batt, commander of the 108th Infantry/Bravo Company from the Masten Armory in Buffalo, made a visit to the children at Charles Upson Elementary School, to thank them for their participation in Project SOS: Support Our Soldiers, and to tell the children about what the soldiers from his company are doing in Iraq. Students at the school have been collecting supplies and corresponding with soldiers throughout the school year. Batt presented students with certificates of appreciation and told them how much their letters and presents have boosted the morale of the men.
(Pictured in this article is Captain Batt, holding a flag and card he received from the students celebrating the Army's 229th birthday. The picture, which also included students, does not appear at this site for internet security reasons.)

You can also find articles that include information about Company B / 1st Battalion / 108th Infantry at the following website:Guard Times

USO Website: USO Website

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